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Rabbit Trails Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

Untold hunting stories of Randall and Jordan. A brand new segment (Small town scenarios). And a whole lot more in episode 76. Whats not to love? 


Nov 21, 2022

In this weeks episode the hosts dive into the phrase "make yourself at home", along with bringing in the first segment of season 4! Stay tuned until the end of the episode to get the hosts perspective on the realities of technology and hospitality.

Nov 14, 2022

In this episode we bring in our first ever repeat guest (Aaron T) to the podcast, as he debuts as the first guest on season 4! Jordan continues to bring the beef on Canada, while Aaron fills us in on one of his craziest memories since moving to Colorado! 

Nov 7, 2022

The return to weekly releases are here as Randall, Jordan and Kristofer return to the 338 to begin season 4!  Catch up on the lives of the hosts throughout the offseason, and continue starting beef with surrounding countries and states. It's time to get hyped for the return of Rabbit Trails!