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Rabbit Trails Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

Get your weekly dose of dating advice, funny newspaper headlines, sports injuries, and much more in this content filled Episode!  

Nov 22, 2021

This weeks episode brings you the return of "One word go" as well as coffee poll reviews on the official Rabbit Trails InstaGram, and world class rabbit trails in Episode 53.

Nov 15, 2021

In episode 52 you will hear all about the hosts worsts purchases, and learn about Randall dealing with limiting his coffee intake, and much more in this weeks installment of Rabbit Trails.

Nov 1, 2021

This weeks segment bringing new perspectives to the 338, as Randall brings a list of true or false questions, followed up by a rant from Kristofer sharing his frustration with a restaurant, all this and more in a jam packed Episode 51!